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A concept fragrance developed by artist Iris Touliatou and perfumer Jahnvi Dameron Nandan.


Florida Unlimited


50ml /1.7 .oz
made in France
glass bottle, pump, gold foil packaging, signed.

The edition is complemented with a free downlowd of the FLORIDA score composed by Dimitris Papadatos.



Touliatou’s recent projects have investigated the relations between humans and artifacts, pointing out the subtle distinctions between natural and artifcial, original and copy, living and lifeless. Her works are constructed as a set of symbiotic relationships, formulas and interactions within natural and technological environments. Recent exhibitions include ’Can you wash the Water’, Duve Berlin, 2016 (solo); ’Hypnos Project’, Onassis Foundation, Athens 2016 (group); ’Now/Here’, Franz Josefs Kai 3, Vienna, 2016 (group). She is among the recipients of the 2014 UNESCO-Aschberg bursary and the 2012 laureate of the Future of Europe ArtPrize.


Jahnvi Dameron Nandan is a perfumer and the founder of The Perfume Library. It‘s philosophy is to align composition with the visual arts to share the transformative nature of fragrance. She is also a trained classical dancer starting at the age of five. As a perfumer she has been working with smell as a form of literal choreography through her Memory Pod Project® which functions as theatre of olfactive memories. Other creations such as ’Aphtoori’ and ’This Space in Between You and Me’ stress a belief in life, earth and continuity.


FLORIDA Hyperessence has an almost equal combination of thirty-nine synthetic and natural notes.

It evolves around a peony top note captured through headspace technology, referencing the botanist and painter Nassos Daphnis’ dynamically hybrid peonies.

Imagined as if growing in zero gravity, the flower sits in unearthly darkness and ignition of cold white smoke, reflecting iridescent metals, gradually embracing hyperelastic skins’ smooth, slippery surfaces.

Florida Hyperessence is non-decorative. Through their choice of ingredients the authors of Florida seek to transform the wearers of this fragrance. The experience of Florida is therefore akin to reading a poem. It is rare and subversive. Its ingredients will continue to find their way as life unfurls. To build from scratch up to its present status as reaction, nearly as strong as life, but only nearly as strong.

In the ever after, new breeds of peony trees and the outside, will have positive afterimages, that appear the same color as the original image and last for days and days.

peony, lentiscus, orris, gaiac, sandal, vetiver, cedar, Hedione, Suedral, Iso E Super

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