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Our very first exhibition looks to tie our namesake’s concept to our curatorial theme of the Spätkauf. Indigenous to Berlin, these convenience stores draw parallels to 7/11’s, their North American counterparts. The Spätkauf is not only a corner store where one can get all the essentials, it is also a place to socialize. Because of its cheap prices, and outside seating area, these places encourage all walks of life to drink and fraternize on an even playing ground. Connected to the urban landscape, it has become a staple in the social fabric of the city. For this show we invited American painter Ryan McLaughlin and German photographer Andreas Mühe.
↑↑↑ Documentation of production for Lottto ↑↑↑

Andreas Mühe takes a photo while novelist, John Holten writes a diary entry from the perspective of an imagined character.

Berlin, June 19th 2013 I went and picked up Oskar and we went over to Orman's spätkauf because that was the only thing we knew we could do. At least with any ease. More and more guys showed up after lunch and soon we were a pretty big group and I felt self conscious in that way I do which always reminds me of some American movie whose name I've forgotten. So I just got drunk and laughed in between other's half sentences. Siemen was talking about a ski trip he took to his parent's place near the Czech border the winter before. Others talked of football which felt more in line with the world. I would have liked to talk about Wolfgang Hilbig and stasis and unchanging decrepitude but who was I kidding. We moved away from the crowded footpath as was kindly suggested by Orman's mother and some of us went around the back of Lidl and others drifted off. After a while we kept walking, buying beers in a small bakery that smelled of wet dog and cinnamon and soon we were past the city's limits. I looked at Oskar strolling ahead of me and laughing with the others and realized how drunk I was. The president was leaving town so we all decided to climb up and drink in the air to get a better look at his plane departing: they'd closed the airspace just for him to leave, which I didn't believe at first until I saw it. The evening sky was luminous in its emptiness. "The Yank can kiss my ass!" Oskar shouted. I remember Thomas fell off but the rest of us managed to straddle the fence, going no further into the emptiness of the sky but not falling either.
↑↑↑ Text by John Holten ↑↑↑